Oracle (OCA/OCP)

Oracle Database 10g is Oracle revolutionary new grid providing for info directors that embody breakthrough self-management, storage management, and clump options. It’s designed to alleviate system directors from repetitive, low-value body work and supply them with a chance to extend their price and expand their technical skills. The new Oracle University info tracks for Oracle info 10g square measure tailored to the size and wishes of shopper’s knowledge centers. These new courses target current and new Oracle info directors and supply coaching in less the time and lower the value. Oracle info 10g offers several new tools that facilitate DBAs work additional with efficiency (and maybe additional enjoyably), liberating them for additional strategic, artistic endeavors to not mention their nights and weekends. Oracle info 10g extremely is that massive of a deal for DBAs.

In this series, CDS can offer transient, targeted analyses of those fascinating new tools and techniques. The goal is to stipulate the functions and edges of the feature in order that you'll place it into action in your surroundings as quickly as doable. The info suggested for the Oracle info 10g DBA teaches the data associated skills you would like to be an Oracle info 10g DBA. Learn directly from the supply -- the simplest thanks to get the abilities you would like to be associate Oracle info 10g DBA. Be in demand -- Oracle DBAs (are in demand round the world in nearly each trade, and command wonderful compensation).

Oracle Database 11g upgrade from Oracle Database 10g.

Oracle Database 10g.

Oracle Database 10g upgrade from Oracle 9i.

Oracle Database 10g upgrade from Oracle 8i.

Module 1- SQL

  • RDBMS concepts
  • E-R Diagrams
  • Basic Create table and Insert statement
  • Introduction (Select command, covering where and order by clauses)
  • Single Row functions
  • Group function, Rollup, Cube
  • Joins
  • Subquery, Advance Sub-query
  • Discussions & Tasks (testing)
  • DDL's, datatypes, Scripts
  • DML’s Statements
  • Constraints, Indexes
  • Advance Queries for Insert, Update, Merge etc.
  • Views, Sequences & synonyms
  • Advance SQL
  • Users, TCL's

Module 2-Admin & Architecture

  • Introduction of Physical & Logical Structure
  • Connection Establishment
  • Introduction of Instance
  • Instance
  • Database Creation
  • Database Creation (Adv. Options), Data Dict., spfile, shutdown
  • Control File, Redo Log Multiplexing, Archive log mode etc.
  • Discussion
  • Storage Architecture (Tablespaces)
  • All types of tablespaces (Creation and management)
  • Segment Space management, Block Size (non-default)
  • Managing Tables, Users
  • Indexes
  • Profiles, Constraints
  • Roles, Permission
  • Auditing
  • Discussions

Module 3- Backup and Recovery

  • Networking
  • Share server arch
  • Introduction to backup and recovery
  • Archive log file
  • RMAN introduction
  • User managed online & offline backup
  • RMAN managed online & offline backup
  • Discussion & Tasks
  • User managed Complete and in complete recovery
  • RMAN managed Complete and in complete recovery
  • RMAN maintenance
  • RMAN catalog
  • Import/Export
  • SQL Loader
  • Discussions & Tasks
  • Data Pump
  • Flash Back

Module 4- Performance and Tuning

  • Intro to OEM
  • Tuning tools (Reports, Dynamic Performance Views)
  • SQL Tuning
  • Shared pool tuning
  • Database cache tuning
  • Discussions & Tasks
  • Log buffer and other SGA memory components
  • Tuning I/O Shared Server Tuning.
  • Locks and Latches
  • OS Tuning
  • Discussions & Tasks

Advance Topics

  • ASM (Automatic Storage Management)
  • Data Guard
  • Database Migration and Up-gradation (Platform Migration)
  • Database cloning

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