Online Training

Online Course Content is designed by working professionals with a combined experience of nearly 15 years in field of related domain like- Oracle DBA / RAC / SQL Server DBA / BI / CCNA / and other technology. The growth of these courses was the conference factor of all these training experts where they distributed their wonderful concepts, actual lifestyle encounter and issues which led to this interesting course.

Online courses is designed keeping only three things in mind : Simplicity, Efficiency and Coverage.

  • Simplicity - The whole courses is developed in a very easy way such that anyone who just flows, timepieces and methods this, would go on to become an efficient.
  • Efficiency - The course takes you through a journey in which you will be learning and experiencing a whole new world to its fullest by putting in minimum effort.
  • Coverage - No issue how we research, we all have subjects to be protected while we do it. These courses include all subjects needed for you to become a self continual.

We can develop an ideal platform for you to start learning the technology and go on to explore more advanced features and ideas of IT industry in the future. Start early, learn and explore the countless opportunities in industry.

We have designed these courses such that a person with minimum or no prior knowledge is comfortable working with our tutorials and videos to get used to a professional. Be an aspect of this course and awaken the getting to sleep.

All we anticipate from you is for you to have a PC or a Laptop so that research through our written text guide, observe idea movie clips and perform on venture segments which will cause you to experience at house.

The structure of online program is simple; and we have divided the training schedule into 3 sections -

  • Section A - You will be introduced to all concepts in the text format in this section, all topics will be discussed in detail with an example.
  • Section B – Live coverage of explanation of concepts with an example will be available for you to learn.
  • Section C - In this section you will be given assignments on each topic you have learnt. All assignment requirements will be based on the real life project model which will equip you with the real life experience.

Hiring organizations have accessibility all the tasks and tasks done by learners so they can choose best overallRESOURCES for their tasks, just not the learners who ranking well in examinations or can discuss well in meeting/interview.

Learn with Core Database Systems and get yourself that closer to a professional. Once you do this program, it will be easy for you to clear the online exam to become a Certified Professional. We teach the right concepts required to become a Professional.

Who can take the online training?

Our online program is open to working professionals, recent graduates who have BSc, BCA, MCA or Engineering degree. It’s also open to current students in MCA and Engineering. No previous experience is required. Only requirement is that students have a strong desire towards the career and be willing to work hard and have fun learning and doing all assignments.


Courses are divided into number of chapters.

  • Students read the specially prepared tutorials on that content for the module.
  • There are assignments for almost all the modules/topics.
  • Individual trainer for individual students. (if required)*
  • Students are encouraged to participate in online group discussions with fellow classmates.
  • Students are also assigned group project where they have to work with other assigned students from their class.
  • Students get marks for initiating and participating in the discussions and for helping others in the class.
  • At end of the course, students do a major project on their own and an online test to get the certification.


  • Students get the knowledge and experience to be productive IT Professional in any company from Day one.
  • Graduates looking for full time jobs get recruitment assistance from Core Database Systems, which consists of contacting companies who hire freshers.
  • A lot of these jobs are not advertised anywhere. Several of these companies have helped us design the course and have confidence that students who successfully complete the course can do their job from day one.
  • Interested companies can view online all the assignments and projects finished by students so they feel much more comfortable in hiring them. We consider our work finished only when each and every graduate who finishes the course successfully gets placed in a company.
  • Students, who are still in college and need to do internship in a company to graduate, are provided with assistance without any extra cost to get placed in a company for finishing their internship. We also provide projects work that can be done from home to meet the internship requirements.
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